Acai Manganese Quelled by Anthocyanins

Acai is high in manganese, but other components of the fruit appear to keep the mineral at nutritional levels.


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What does the current research say on the link between calcium supplementation a

Are Calcium Supplements Bad for the Heart?

To supplement or not to supplement? Where the science now stands on calcium and cardiovascular risk.


New Studies Point to Vitamin D for Lower Blood Pressure, but Research Still Limited

The Vitamin D Council, a nonprofit group, has updated its health summary with studies from 2013 and 2014 looking at the link between vitamin D and blood pressure.


Chondroitin, Collagen, Eggshell Membrane…Oh My! More Research for Joint Health

Chondroitin, collagen, and eggshell membrane: A recent spate of research from suppliers further lends evidence for healthy-joint support.

Quinoa is particularly rich in iron and manganese.

Minerals in Ancient Grains Are Celiac-Friendly

But be careful where you buy grains from, as nutrients will vary.


Agave Inulin May Aid Digestion

Agave isn't just for preparing tequila. It's a rich source of inulin that, until recently, was lacking clinical trials on digestive health.


Would You Drink Banana Juice?

Efforts to extract banana juice are improving.


Blackberry Juice Increases Probiotics in Milk

Compounds in blackberry may encourage the growth of probiotics in milk. They might also fight off foodborne pathogens.


Stop Craving Sweets? Spinach Could Help

New human clinical results on a spinach-derived ingredient.


Moringa May Be an Attractive Soap Ingredient

And for those in developing countries, it may be a soap alternative all by itself.


Is This the Oral Health Study That Aloe Vera Needed?

An aloe mouthwash study out of India is the biggest yet.