“Extensively Hydrolyzed” Whey Protein for Serious Athletes Debuts at SupplySide West 2017

Sep 26, 2017

Whey protein specialist Arla Foods Ingredients (Viby J, Denmark) is bringing a new, “extensively hydrolyzed” whey protein ingredient targeting “serious gym goers and athletes” to this week’s SupplySide West trade show. The new ingredient has a “degree of hydrolysis (DH) of 20,” the company says, which makes it significantly more absorbable in the body compared to other forms of protein. As an extensively hydrolyzed protein, the protein has been reduced into small pieces in which the majority of amino acids are present as small di- and tri-peptides. The ingredient offers as much as 10.3 g of the key muscle-building amino acid leucine per 100 mg and only 3% fat, attributes athletes will appreciate.

The company says that the ingredient is ideal for formulating in powder shakes. At SupplySide West booth #HH171, visitors can taste samples of the new extensively hydrolyzed whey protein ingredient in chocolate-orange, chocolate-mint, and cappuccino shakes.


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