BI Nutraceuticals Offering Sterilized Chia Seeds

Addressing a growing market for omega-3-rich food sources, BI Nutraceuticals (Long Beach, CA) is now offering steam-sterilized chia seeds.

Chia seeds are touted as a complete vegan protein source higher in omega-3s (by weight) than any common foods. The ingredient is largely considered for benefits related to cardiovascular health digestive health, and sports performance loading.

In a recent study on athletes consuming Gatorade, when 50% of Gatorade calories were replaced with chia seed, omega-3 levels were increased without an negative effect on sports performance.

The company’s chia seeds are sterilized using the company’s BI Protexx HP Process, a heated, dry-steam process that is able to sterilize seeds from pathogens without affecting nutrient health profiles.

"Our chia seeds meet all GMP standards and are kosher and halal certified," said Walter Postelwait, BI Nutraceuticals vice president of marketing & sales. "Most of the chia seed growers and harvesters in South America and Mexico do not incorporate a sterilization process to guarantee a pathogen free product. BI provides this critical sterilization, as well as conducts thorough finished product testing to assure our customers that our chia seed meets the strictest quality standards for foods and dietary supplements."

The ingredient can be used in a variety of foods, including nutrition bars, cereals, soups, and salad dressings.