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Tobacco Plant Ingredient Part of New Inflammation Dietary Supplement

Tobacco Plant Ingredient Part of New Inflammation Dietary Supplement

Anatabloc is a new dietary supplement launched by Star Scientific Inc. and geared toward supporting the immune system by maintaining healthy levels of inflammation. Anatabloc’s key ingredient is anatabine citrate, an alkaloid found in plants in the Solinaceae family, including the tobacco plant and eggplant, green peppers, and green tomatoes.

The company says that when combined with vitamins A and D3, anatabine citrate can provide the body with anti-inflammatory support. The company has filed a provisional patent in the U.S. for the Anatabloc supplement.

In addition, the company says that a human trial examining the effects of Anatabloc in subjects at risk for excessive inflammation is currently taking place and is called the FIint study. Another human trial, to be conducted by Rock Creek, will start in late September, and a third trial to be overseen by researchers at the University of Pisa is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.

“The tobacco plant led the way in growing the economy of the Commonwealth of Virginia 400 years ago. As a Virginia-based company, we now want to lead the way in understanding how the tobacco plant can yield important benefits to human health,” stated Star Scientific’s CEO Jonnie R. Williams.

Star Scientific is also the developer of CigRx, which is designed to be a non-nicotine, non-tobacco alternative for smokers. The product also features anatabine citrate, as well as yerba mate.

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