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Joint/Bone Health

Joint/Bone Health

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Stratum Nutrition says this is the second independent trial conducted on its NEM brand eggshell membrane in Europe suggesting efficacy for reducing osteoarthritis pain.

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Heart and bone health may hold the most potential for the collagen market to expand.

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A preliminary animal study suggests lycopene may help prevent bone loss associated with aging.

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Researchers say it is the first clinical study to compare efficacy of MSM and boswellic acids with glucosamine sulfate for knee osteoarthritis.

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A new pre-clinical animal study suggests Unigen’s Romatol may have potential for alleviating symptoms of arthritis.

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A new study finds InterHealth’s undenatured type II collagen ingredient improved knee joint symptoms more than a placebo or other popular joint health ingredients.

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Consuming onion juice was shown to attenuate bone loss and the loss of bone mineral density in a new study.


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