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Joint/Bone Health

Joint/Bone Health

Photo © iStockphoto.com/Zlatko Kostic

The up to $300-million transaction broadens Lonza’s offerings in sports nutrition, weight management, and immune health, in addition to several new health areas.

More ingredient suppliers now offer vegan-friendly dietary supplement ingredients.

 Photo © iStockphoto.com/numbeos

Fish oil–derived EPA and DHA were also found to attenuate strength loss and muscle soreness following exercise, according to researchers.

Photo © iStockphoto.com/Raycat

Natreon’s AyuFlex ingredient was found to significantly reduce joint discomfort in subjects aged 40–70, according to a new study.

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A 26-week toxicity study of beagle dogs found that Unigen’s Univestin ingredient produced no adverse effects at doses of 500 mg/kg/day.

Photo © iStockphoto.com/Raycat

Peptan collagen peptides from Rousselot showed dose-dependent benefits to joint health in mice in a new study.

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A new study suggests AlgaeCal, an algae-based calcium supplement, improves bone mineral density (BMD) in women who took the supplement from 1–7 years.


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