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Joint/Bone Health

Joint/Bone Health

China-based chondroitin sulfate supplier Yantai Dongcheng Biochemical Company, Ltd., announced the Thai-based company it recently acquired, Sino Siam Biotechnique Co., also a manufacturer of chondroitin sulfate, has earned USP certification.

A new analysis finds that more widespread use of calcium and vitamin D supplements could save nearly $4.3 billion per year in EU healthcare costs stemming from bone fractures caused by osteoporosis.

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A new study finds that 62.5% of U.S. adults with arthritis take at least one dietary supplement, compared to 49% of adults without arthritis who say the same.

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New research out of Mexico suggests calcium from Opuntia ficus indica may be effective at improving several markers of bone health in rats.

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A new meta-analysis of more than 25 studies provides evidence that vitamin D supplementation may be beneficial to immune health.

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Subjects consuming the bioactive collagen peptides demonstrated statistically significant improvements in activity-related pain intensity.


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