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Joint/Bone Health

Joint/Bone Health

A new animal study suggests pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) supplementation may stimulate osteoblastic bone formation and inhibit osteoclastic bone resorption.

Called FlexiGo, the ingredients are derived exclusively from Harpagophytum procumbens and Harpagophytum zeyheri and aim to relieve joint discomfort.

The facility expansion has made it possible to increase production of the company’s PernaTec New Zealand Greenshell green lipped mussel oil, in addition to some of the company’s other ingredients.

More companies and ingredients are targeting the pet-supplements market.

New studies on krill oil, egg phospholipids, and phospholipid-based curcumin

Biova, Aurora Nutrascience, and Vida Lifescience announce the release of ExoFlex, a new liposomal-encapsulated eggshell-membrane supplement.

During the upcoming Vitafoods Europe tradeshow in Geneva in May, Naturex (Avignon, France) will launch two new ingredients.


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