Plant-Based Yogurt Exemplifies Pea Protein Possibilities at IFT Show

Jul 11, 2018

Pea-ingredients supplier Puris (Oskaloosa, IA) will showcase its range of yellow pea-based ingredients at next week’s Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting and Food Expo in Chicago. The lineup includes the company’s Puris pea protein, pea starch, and whole pulse powders. At this year’s show, the company will demonstrate how Puris pea protein 870 MV and Puris pea starch work together in a non-dairy yogurt prototype, which offers 10 g of protein and 130 calories per serving.

The company’s pea ingredients are grown in the United States, non-GMO, certified organic, sustainable, and clean-tasting. The company says that formulators can use Puris pea starch to “replace any unwanted and less-sustainable starches such as corn starch and off-shore imported tapioca starch, and even reduce the use of expensive gums that may be unfamiliar to consumers. Pea starch is an obvious, label-friendly choice and the clear winner in strategic sourcing as it relates to sustainability, regenerative agricultural practices, and legitimate certified-organic supply chains.”

“As more consumers explore non-dairy, we believe the growth will come from an exceptional experience around taste, functionality, nutrition, and a no-compromise ingredient deck,” said Puris president Tyler Lorenzen in a press release. “We can create a plant-based yogurt that delivers 10 g of pea protein per serving while maintaining the…texture…and taste of what is expected in cultured dairy yogurts.” He says the company has also developed a fruit preparation that resists syneresis (separating of gel from a liquid).