American Herbal Products Association Issues Labeling Guidance for Mushroom Products

Apr 14, 2017

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA; Silver Spring, MD) has adopted a new guidance policy specifically to assist its members in complying with label regulations for products containing fungal ingredients. The guidance is effective through March 9, 2019.

According to the guidance, each fungal dietary ingredient included in a dietary supplement should be identified by its common or usual name as well as by the parts of the fungal ingredient present, and in order of predominance by weight. Fungal ingredient parts can include, for instance, fruitbody, mycelium, sclerotium, and spores. The guidance also instructs firms on how to use the word mushroom, if users choose to include that term in their labeling. The guidance also contains a glossary of terms relevant to fungal ingredients.

“AHPA appreciates our members' interest in providing consumers with the most useful information about fungi ingredients included in this important product category,” said AHPA President Michael McGuffin in a press release. "This is another example of the herb and supplement industry taking initiative to best serve consumers' needs and interests.”


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