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Heart Health

Heart Health

ArteroProtect vitaminK2 and octacosanol supplement may lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and raise HDL cholesterol.

Expanding the frontiers of probiotics research to the brain and the heart.

The study evaluated PerfLoad’s ability to improve metabolic homeostasis and physical performance during high-intensity exercises under anaerobic conditions.

The patent-pending supplement is a combination of Kyowa Hakko’s own Setria glutathoine and L-citrulline that research shows effectively sustains nitric oxide levels.

Daily consumption of phytosterols by millions of adults with severe hypercholesterolemia could save the EU €5.3 billion per year in healthcare costs, according to new Frost & Sullivan analysis.

From clinical research to pricing and supply, here’s what you need to know about CoQ10 these days.

GOED discusses how our understanding of omega-3's role in human health has evolved over time.


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