Synergy Flavors launches custom taste solutions for dairy-based applications

September 25, 2019

Synergy Flavors Inc. (Wauconda, IL) launched a new portfolio of custom taste solutions called Dairy by Nature, combining the firm’s all-natural flavor expertise with the proprietary dairy technology of its parent company Carbery (Cork, Ireland). The line was developed to address the formulation needs of reduced-fat dairy and plant-based applications to delivery great taste and enhanced functionality. For example, says Synergy, instead of adding a singular top note such as caramelized butter or condensed milk, Dairy by Nature enhances mouthfeel and flavor retention to provide a long, satisfying time-release delivery. It can even cleanly build back the lingering creaminess of full-fat dairy and mask undesirable off-notes in plant-based alternatives.

“Each application scenario poses unique challenges. However, whether formulating plant-based products or creating reduced fat dairy, the end goal is a food experience that forms an emotional connection with the consumer,” said Corunda Pruitt, PhD, senior technologist for Synergy Flavors, in a press release. “Dairy by Nature is designed to supply a positive organoleptic experience including taste, texture, body and mouthfeel across a spectrum of food matrices.”

Dairy by Nature can be used in a broad range of applications such as fresh and cultured dairy products, as well as nutritional, bakery, beverage, confection, and even dips, or cheese.