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Maritech® Organic Fucoidans: the Science

Feb 9, 2018

This white paper explores the science behind fucoidan, with a particular focus on the latest research supporting the use of Maritech® fucoidan extracts in immune modulation, gut and digestive health, viral inhibition, anti-inflammation and integrative oncology applications.

Cargill eBook: Sugar Reduction & Replacement Strategies

Jan 17, 2018

From bars to beverages, consumers are seeking out products with reduced sugar. What’s filling the void? This Nutritional Outlook ebook on Sugar Reduction & Replacement Strategies covers how suppliers are responding to the no-sugar/reduced-sugar craze and what are the top myths about alternative sweeteners.

NutraScience eBook: Key Considerations Manufacturing Probiotic Supplements in 2017

Dec 1, 2017

Reports have estimated that the global probiotics marketplace will reach an estimated value of USD 64.02 billion by 2022. For supplement companies and brands looking to meet consumer needs, this eBook, will take a close look at four common probiotic strains as well as important manufacturing considerations and how to work with overage.

Cepham eBook: Five Key Herbs for Cognitive Health

Nov 14, 2017

Consumers worldwide are interested in ways to boost mental health, focus, concentration, and cognitive function. But, which nutraceuticals have the best evidence for supporting cognitive health and protecting against age-related cognitive decline? This eBook on 5 Key Herbs for Cognitive Health focuses on the latest research backing some important herbs for cognitive support.

Sabinsa eBook: Evolution & Growth Opportunities in the Curcumin Market

Nov 1, 2017

Curcumin has grabbed the attention of consumers and researchers interested in tapping into the herb’s diverse health benefits. But, what might be the next big market for curcumin? And, how are ingredient companies creating additional growth opportunities for curcumin? Find out in this Nutritional Outlook ebook on Evolution and Growth Opportunities in the Curcumin Market.

eBook: 2017 SupplySide West Show Report

Oct 30, 2017

Looking for the latest news and trends from SupplySide West? In this special eBook, Nutritional Outlook’s editors bring you the SupplySide West stories you need to know. What did companies launch? What trends did we see? You won’t want to miss this comprehensive review of this leading event.

Cepham eBook: Men’s Health in Focus

Oct 30, 2017

Every day, we are faced with numerous chemical and physical stressors that can have a negative effect on our health over time. This Nutritional Outlook ebook on Men’s Health in Focus, takes a close look at how stressors specifically affect everything from men’s sexual health to cognitive function. Also read an exclusive interview with the Council for Responsible Nutrition about men’s supplements buying habits.

Pharmachem: Powder Engineering: Producing Customized, Multi-Ingredient Blends

Oct 4, 2017

Functional powder systems have a variety of applications in the food, beverage, flavor, and dietary supplements markets. In some cases, the powder-blending process is straightforward. At other times, such as when blends require customization, multi-ingredient systems, or multi-step processes, it is critical for marketers to partner with a knowledgeable third-party manufacturing expert. This summary will help viewers understand some of the major considerations in custom blending and how to select a blending partner to get the best outcome for their product.