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Delivery Systems

Delivery Systems

Immune-health suppliers are focusing on ensuring their ingredients work in as many different product formats as possible.

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Natural Alternatives International’s new SR CarnoSyn allows for a high dose of beta-alanine to be released over several hours, thereby reducing the chance of off-putting paresthesia sensations.

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In the two years since Welch’s first entered the ingredients realm, its strong brand recognition has proven to be both an asset and, at times, a challenge.

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Significantly higher blood levels of EPA omega-3s were found in study participants supplementing with Coromega products over other omega-3 emulsified liquids or soft gels.

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Now Foods has begun using the RiboPrinter DNA-fingerprinting system from Dupont to help verify the identity and purity of its probiotic ingredients.

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Sports performance products are gaining fans everywhere, but some product types are proving more popular than others.

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The Flex Pro ES Chewables combine astaxanthin, hyaluronate, and hydrolyzed eggshell membrane.


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