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Delivery Systems

Delivery Systems

Biova, Aurora Nutrascience, and Vida Lifescience announce the release of ExoFlex, a new liposomal-encapsulated eggshell-membrane supplement.

The company says this product offers sustainability benefits by enabling the company to use the entire beet crop.

Sports powders are expected to grow in popularity as their user base broadens.

Beverages continue to be the next frontier for marine ingredients. What progress have fish oil and algal-ingredient suppliers made?

The company has yet another new innovation: a high-quality chia oil that it says retains all of chia’s healthful nutrients due to a special production process.

Aker BioMarine celebrated its 10th anniversary at this year’s Natural Products Expo West trade show and spoke about how the supplier helped grow the krill business into what it is today

Overcoming the taste and aroma challenges associated with curcumin was an achievement, the company says.


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