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Delivery Systems

Delivery Systems

Ahead of the upcoming Vitafoods Europe trade show, Lycored says that a new survey the company conducted found that two-thirds of consumers now see the concept of taking a supplement for skincare as normal practice.

At next week’s Vitafoods show in Geneva, the company will present several ready-to-market concepts using its DuoCap technology, for healthy aging, active lifestyles, and probiotics.

With the global astaxanthin market projected to reach $1.1 billion by 2020, scientists are doubling down on research in new health areas.

New studies on krill oil, egg phospholipids, and phospholipid-based curcumin

Life Extension’s label for Mediterranean Whole Food Blend promotes PhytoClean front and Center, advertising the product as a “farm-to-capsule blend using PhytoClean technology.”

Biova, Aurora Nutrascience, and Vida Lifescience announce the release of ExoFlex, a new liposomal-encapsulated eggshell-membrane supplement.


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