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New Bioavailable Glutasome Powder Is First to Use Setria L-Glutathione

New Bioavailable Glutasome Powder Is First to Use Setria L-Glutathione

Photo from Vitasome

Vitasome (New York City) announced the launch of its new liposome powder supplement, Bioavailable Glutasome. The naturally flavored lemon-raspberry powder comes in packet form and features Kyowa Hakko’s (Tokyo) Setria L-glutathione ingredient. Glutasome is the first liposomal powder to use Setria L-glutathione, says the company. Vitasome’s patented liposome delivery form, which encapsulates nutrients in protective liposome spheres lined with phospholipids, is said to both protect nutrients and aid absorption in the body.

L-glutathione is said to help strengthen immune defenses, increase energy, and support skin health, and is produced in the body to protect cells against stress, environmental toxins, and illness. In addition, Vitasome says, L-glutathione taken daily may promote mental clarity and skin health. Glutasome also contains phosphatidylcholine (PC), which purportedly promotes the regeneration of brain cells, improves neuron connectivity, and supports learning and memory. Each Glutasome packet contains 250 mg Setria L-glutathione.

“Present within every cell in your body, glutathione production declines as you age. Glutasome is an essential must-have antioxidant containing three amino acids,” said Jim Yiannios, CEO, Vitasome, in a press release. “We utilize pharmaceutical-grade Setria glutathione, a clinically studied form of the compound, in our Glutasome formulation.

Glutasome is entirely free of soy and gluten, is vegan, and is non-GMO. The recommended daily serving size is one packet consumed in water 15-20 prior to eating, but Vitasome suggests taking two for an “added boost.” To help prevent oxidation and extend shelf life, it says, each packet has been nitrogen flushed.

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