GPC Debuts New Fast-Melting Maltodextrin and New Starch Cores at SupplySide West 2017

Oct 2, 2017

A new fast-melting maltodextrin from Grain Processing Corp. (GPC; Muscatine, IA) enables manufacturers to create fast-melting powders that can be applied directly into the mouth with no water needed. This technology is geared to customers who prefer alternative delivery vehicles to pills.

The new Maltrin FM fast-melt maltodextrin “is designed to quickly melt in your mouth with no grittiness or unpleasant flavors,” the company says via press release. “The fast-melting action and neutral flavor of Maltrin FM maltodextrin make it an excellent carrier of other ingredients.” It adds that Maltrin FM can also be used as a diluent and carrier in oral disintegrating tablets and dry mix beverages.

Also at SupplySide West, GPC introduce another technology: Pure-Dent starch cores. These “fine-particle-size cores are designed to carry active ingredients, flavors, colors, or other ingredients to achieve a uniform dosage” in tablets, capsules, and powders, the company says. Produced from basic, unmodified starch, the cores can also be enteric coated to create a controlled-release dissolution profile. “The fine particle size of Pure-Dent starch cores makes them an excellent base carrier for powder-layering active ingredients to make spheres,” the firm says.


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