Capsugel Shows How Capsule-in-Capsule Technology Combines “Incompatible” Ingredients at Vitafoods Europe

May 5, 2017

Capsugel (Morristown, NJ) will show Vitafoods Europe attendees just what its DuoCap capsule-in-capsule technology can do. DuoCap works by inserting a smaller, pre-filled capsule into a larger, liquid-filled capsule. At next week’s Vitafoods show in Geneva, the company will present several ready-to-market concepts using DuoCap, for healthy aging, active lifestyles, and probiotics.

One of those concepts is Bone4Kardio, developed together with vitamin K2 supplier Kappa Bioscience (Oslo, Norway). Because DuoCap accommodates ingredients that tend to be incompatible, it enables vitamin K2 to be paired with ingredients such as magnesium, omega-3, vitamin D3, and a B-complex vitamin in the Bone4Kardio product, all while maintaining product stability. The product supports both bone and cardiovascular health “in a single dosage form.”

Capsugel is also using DuoCap to demonstrate how it can help to deliver a tricky-to-handle but very popular ingredient, curcumin. The company says, “Capsugel is also using DuoCap technology to extend the market potential of on-trend curcumin, with new line extensions now made possible by combining the high bioavailability of Capsugel’s Licaps technology–enabled curcumin formulations and specific ingredients for immunity, bone, joint, brain, and gut health."

Finally, the company will use DuoCap to demonstrate how the capsule-in-capsule technology can solve stability challenges associated with moisture-sensitive probiotics.

“By combining previously incompatible ingredients, our cutting-edge DuoCap delivery system will help our customers to create innovative, versatile product offerings that form a favorable and lasting impression among consumers,” said Erasmo Schutzer, senior vice president, consumer health and nutrition and chief marketing officer, Capsugel, in a press release.


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