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Delivery Systems

Delivery Systems

MegaFood will commence selling four of its current supplements using Tespo’s latest dispenser beginning fourth-quarter 2018.

Novel supplement delivery systems push regulatory boundaries.

In its response, the ITC stated that “Amarin’s complaint does not allege an unfair method of competition or an unfair act cognizable under 19 U.S.C. § 1337(a)(1)(A), as required by the statute and the Commission’s rules.”

The company says that its Super B liquid supplement is meant to be dropped under the tongue, and thus, is absorbed by the body more quickly and effectively than traditional pill vitamins.

The company showcased new innovative delivery forms for its collagen peptide ingredients and discussed the research that is helping it make inroads in two key market segments: nutricosmetics and muscle health.

How softgels help overcome omega-3 delivery challenges and yield a high-quality end product. 

The company introduced new chewable and stick pack forms of Ashland’s Ferronyl iron ingredient.


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