CRN’s New FDA Warning Letters Database Helps Industry Self-Police

Companies can reference warning letters to learn what not to do, the association says.


FDA Finds Gluten in Presumably Gluten-Free Products

That FDA is studying gluten contamination in "gluten-free" foods is an indication that FDA plans to monitor this claim closely.


Celebrating DSHEA, with Caution

Celebrations are shadowed by suspicions that some are treading on the law.


For Front-of-Package Labeling, Is More Information Better?

How heavily do FOP labels influence consumer purchasing habits, and how can we ensure that messages aren't confusing?


Advice for the Next Head of FDA’s Division of Dietary Supplements

Two industry leaders offer advice to the next head of FDA’s Division of Dietary Supplements—whoever she or he may be.


Former FDA Inspector Calls for Front-of-Package Labeling

David Kessler, MD, says there's no reason for ingredient labels to be confined to the sides and backs of products.


FDA Won’t Allow DHA/EPA Content Claims

But it will allow certain ALA claims.


Alas, More Spirulina Color Applications

Last year, FDA permitted spirulina for coloring of candies. This year, the agency is extending the use to food products.

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When will FDA release revised NDI draft guidance?

July 4th is one expert’s prediction.

Photo ©iStockphoto.com/Maksud_kr

FDA Approves Sixth High-Intensity Sweetener: Advantame

Advantame is deemed safe for use as a tabletop sweetener and a flavor additive for all foods, except meat and poultry.

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