New formula from Life Extension supports ketone production without a high fat diet

September 24, 2019

Life Extension (Fort Lauderdale, FL) has released a new Keto Brain and Body Boost formula to provide the metabolic benefits of a ketogenic diet, without the potential long-term negative health consequences of a high fat diet. The formula comes in a flavorful, ready-to-mix powder that delivers ketones such as β-hydroxybutyrate, supporting mental clarity and muscle performance, and mangiferin from mango, an extract that promotes ketogenesis, facilitating increases in plasma ketone levels.

“This is a novel formula that allows you to obtain the metabolic benefits of ketones, that fuel muscular and cognitive function without increasing blood sugar and alleviating the hassle and long-term health concerns associated with the keto diet. It increases ketones in the body to support healthy energy levels, metabolism, and weight,” explained Michael A. Smith, MD, Life Extension director of education, in a press release.

Keto Brain and Body Boost also supports satiety and prolonged energy with FiberSmart, a plant-based soluble fiber from Advanced Ingredients LLC. Fermentation of the fiber by gut bacteria provides a slow, steady amount of energy for the body, and further supports ketone products, says the company.