Verdure Sciences launches sustainable extract to support skin health

November 14, 2019

Verdure Sciences (Noblesville, IN) recently launched Maplifa, an extract of red maple leaf, sourced and manufactured using a patented, eco-friendly, and sustainable process that does not negatively impact or harm the maturing trees. The skin health ingredient is Non-GMO Project Verified and standardized to a unique polyphenolic ratio that is being clinically studied in humans to support antioxidant function, skin radiance, skin elasticity, and anti-microbial activity at functional skin care levels. In vitro research demonstrates that Maplifa supports the promotion of epidermal homeostasis and multiple mechanisms associated with anti-aging.

Sourced and manufactured solely in North America, Maplifa is part of the Verdure’s new “Verdugration” initiative targeting traceability, sustainability, and global stewardship of the firm’s portfolio of plant-based ingredients. “Immense effort has been taken to establish a complete clean label ingredient that is traceable and sustainable with clinical affirmation. Verdure truly listens to our customers and their market needs,” explained lead on the project, Sonya Cropper, vice president of marketing and innovation at Verdure Sciences, in a press release. “It is only an indication of what is yet to come and we are excited to see how this will continue to highlight Verdure’s position with focused initiatives and clinically efficacious solutions.”