Consumers Think Oral Supplements for Skincare Is “Normal,” New Lycored Survey Shows

May 8, 2017

Ahead of the upcoming Vitafoods Europe trade show, Lycored (Secaucus, NJ), supplier of ingestible skin-health carotenoid ingredient Lycoderm, says that a new survey the company conducted found that two-thirds of consumers now see the concept of taking a supplement for skincare as normal practice.

Lycored says it conducted the survey in 480 British and French consumers. Of those surveyed, 66% agreed with the statement, “The idea of taking a supplement for skin health or beauty is normal.” Only 14% disagreed with that statement and felt that it was “not normal.”

Lycored says its findings show that millennials are more likely to have used an ingestible skincare product (also referred to as nutricosmetics) compared to older age groups. Of those surveyed, 43% (one in 10) of consumers in the millennial age group (ages 18-35) said they had used an oral skin-health product, compared to older consumers. By comparison, 39% of 36-49-year-olds, 23% of 50-69-year olds, and 14% of those over 70 said they had used an oral skin-health product.

The company investigated further, asking non-users why they had never taken a pill or a supplement for skin care. Of those, 46% said the main reason was that, “It seems to make more sense to apply a product to my skin.” And the second most common reason cited by 32% of respondants was, “I wasn’t aware I could achieve the same skincare benefits by taking a pill or capsule.” Millennials, however, were least likely to cite these as barriers, the company says.

These study results led Lycored’s head of global brand and marketing, health, Zev Ziegler, to state, “Ingestible skincare—once seen as a niche category—is rapidly heading for the mainstream. Consumers, particularly those under the age of 35, are increasingly recognizing the benefits of supplementation for healthy, resilient skin. There’s a very clear generational shift in favor of ingestible skincare, and with further work to inform consumers we can achieve even more."

The company will showcase these findings as well as its “#rethinkbeautiful” campaign at Vitafoods Europe.


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Jennifer Grebow
Nutritional Outlook magazine
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