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Robby Gardner

Robby Gardner

Robby Gardner is the former associate editor of Nutritional Outlook magazine.

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Exploring a few of the top-selling male sexual health ingredients for their science, but also for their recent market challenges.

Scientists tell you how to turn food waste into new ingredients.

Dairy-free food and drinks are growing fast. Here’s where.

Better taste, better function, and better sustainability are now at formulators’ fingertips.

Though these lesser-known botanicals haven’t achieved widespread global use yet, their moment could be just around the corner.

Research is pushing lesser-known ingredients to the forefront of sports nutrition.

As glucosamine and chondroitin sales struggle in the U.S., some of those lost dollars are now being taken up both by other familiar joint-health ingredients and lesser-known alternatives (like botanicals).

Here are some notable launches this year, spanning everything from waters and juices to bagged teas and more.

Despite FDA’s strong language against hemp cannabidiol (CBD), sales and demand for the controversial cannabinoid are skyrocketing. Here are some of the most promising health areas.

Botanical ingredients for prostatic and urological health


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