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Donate Now to Support Victims of the Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan

Donate Now to Support Victims of the Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan

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At Nutritional Outlook magazine, our mission is to help food, beverage, and dietary supplement makers create products for good nutrition. Protein, fiber, amino acids, healthy fats—all of these are key to good health. But what about the very basic element of nutrition: clean water? 

Following the 2014–2016 water crisis in Flint, Michigan, the children of Flint are still suffering from the damaging exposure to lead in their water supply. Please help Nutritional Outlook and our parent company, UBM, support the Flint community by making a donation to the Flint Child Health & Development Fund, established by the Community Foundation of Greater Flint. Your generous tax-deductible donation will ensure that the children of Flint have access to resources and interventions to help them overcome the community’s widespread exposure to lead. UBM and its nonprofit arm will match the funds that we raise together, according to the scale of our response.

Please be sure to enter the term NO2016 where the donation form asks “How did you learn about the fund?” so that UBM/Nutritional Outlook can match your donation.



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