Cactus Botanics Launches European Bilberry Powder Extract

Jan 16, 2018

Ingredient supplier Cactus Botanics (Shanghai, China; Irvine, CA) has announced the availability of its European bilberry powder extract (Vaccinium Myrtillus L.) standardized to 100:1 anthocyanins 25% UV and 50:1 anthocyanidins 25% HPLC. Among the condition-specific benefits the extract can potentially deliver include support of healthy blood sugar ranges, protection of vision and ocular health, and circulatory support, especially in cardiovascular vessels.

Bilberry fruit is known to contain higher quantities of total antioxidants than any other berry—including anthocyanosides, which studies show support healthy blood vessels and circulation, even in the capillaries of the eye. Furthermore, according to a company statement, bilberry anthocyanosides speed up production of a pigment called rhodopsin, found in the eyes’ photoreceptive rod cells, that’s important for light and dark vision.

Some studies appear to show that bilberry extract may help delay cataract formation and support medical treatments in dealing with retinopathies. In fact, the company statement notes research from the University of Michigan showing that in people with early-stage diabetic or hypertensive retinopathy, as well as in those with macular degeneration, 600 mg of bilberry extract standardized to 25 percent anthocyanosides and taken daily for 30 days reduced hemorrhagic tendencies in the eyes, and led to reports of improved vision. Another study the company statement notes reported improved blood vessel structure and integrity in subjects with retinopathies who took 160 mg of the extract twice daily for 30 days.

“In today’s modern world where our eyes tend to be glued to flat screens (TV, laptop, tablets, phones), eye strain is on the rise,” said Carol Cheow, CEO, Cactus Botanics, in the statement. “Although there are no studies (yet) with bilberry’s direct effects on computer vision syndrome, adding bilberry extract with anthocyanosides may be worthwhile for vision support supplements aimed at tired/strain eyes.”

Anthocyanosides also appear to thwart blood platelets from aggregating, which can lead to dangerous blood clots. As antioxidants, anthocyanosides help prevent cholesterol from oxidizing, too, per some in vitro studies.

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